Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar BusinessSolar for Business

Energy can be one of largest expenses for businesses. Traditional business hours are peak usage times when electricity rates are highest. Generating solar energy keeps utility usage low by producing maximum power during this time. Avoid rising electric rates and increase your savings each year.

. Lower operating costs and increase profit margins with solar
. Improve your public image as a sustainable business

Suns Up Solar navigated the intricacies of our solar needs, from engineering to financing through installation. They are an A+ solar contractor. I would recommend this company without hesitation.”
– Brian R., San Jose, CA

Commercial Financing

Solar Financing iconSuns Up Solar offers innovative commercial financing opportunities for $0 down. We also specialize in solar financing for non-profits.

Solar Monitoring

Solar Monitoring iconEnsure optimum power generation levels. See how much energy you are generating at all times with system monitoring. Solar Monitoring ››

Return on Investment

Solar ROI iconSuns Up Solar provides the commercial engineering expertise to install a solar energy system that brings maximum returns on investment. Solar Costs ››