Felton Solar Installer

Felton Solar Installer

Suns Up Solar is your local solar contractor serving Felton, CA. Our solar team has decades of experience, installing the first solar panels in Santa Cruz County. Our knowledgeable professionals know all aspects of solar and electric work developed from a background as a General & Electrical construction company. Our organization includes some of leading solar authorities in Northern California. Meet our solar Team. We install solar electric systems in Felton and surrounding areas, including the Bay Area.

Generate your own, clean power and lock in low rates to avoid rising electricity costs. Go solar with Suns Up Solar and save more each year.

$0 Down Solar Financing

Solar Financing$0 down solar financing is available. We feature new PACE financing programs, locally financed solar loans, solar leasing and PPA’s. When you go solar, your savings is greater than your solar payment, creating positive cash flow immediately. Contact us today for details.

Solar Design / Engineering

Solar Design Engineering iconSuns Up Solar provides all of your design and engineering services to fully maximize your solar performance. We offer the best solar products at affordable prices. Whether your Felton solar system is installed on a roof or a ground mount, we will design the best system for your needs, including all permitting and paperwork.

Diagnostics & Efficiency

Solar Monitoring iconWe are able to carry out diagnostics and advise on existing solar systems in the Felton area, from adding additional capacity to correcting poorly installed and/or inefficient solar systems. Felton and Santa Cruz County code compliance is essential and we will ensure your installation meets the highest standards.

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