Solar Costs Chart

How Much Does it Cost to Go Solar?

The total cost of your solar energy system is actually less important than your financing and return on investment.

With attractive solar financing options available today, you can go solar for $0 cost out of your pocket while paying less than you are currently paying to your utility company. This creates a positive cash-flow scenario immediately upon installation. With this cash-flow calculation, your system actually costs nothing when you factor in the money saved over a relatively short period of time.

Solar Cost Factors

Electric Costs iconSome individual factors that affect solar costs include:

  • The size of your building
  • Available unshaded area for placement
  • Your orientation toward the sun
  • Your energy usage
  • The percentage of electricity you wish to offset
  • The 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit reduction, until 2016
  • Accelerated depreciation allowance for businesses, until 2016

Cost-Effective Design

Solar Design Engineering iconProper solar sizing is essential for maximum return on investment. You don’t want to produce more solar energy than you will use throughout the year. Excess energy beyond that amount is of no benefit. You don’t want to under-produce, or your electric bill will not be kept to a minimum.

We ensure your system is designed and engineered for optimal performance to get the most from your solar electric system.

Other Costs

Solar Costs iconLet’s talk about another type of cost: the cost of not going solar. There is a cost to you monetarily by paying high electric bills, as well as a cost to our future of abundant resources and a clean environment. Solar is clean, renewable energy. It will never run out and won’t pollute our planet or contribute to global warming, unlike energy generation from fossil fuels. Going solar is the right thing to do.

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