Solar for HomesSolar for Homes

Homeowners are producing their own solar electricity and avoiding escalating rates from PG&E. Would you like to lower your expenses AND increase your home value — at no additional cost?

Finance your solar panels system with payments less than you currently pay for electricity. With these savings, you are cash-positive immediately. Then pay off your solar system in 5+ years and save even more!

Suns Up Solar was great to work with. They had the best prices and their service was exceptional. We are saving money. We are green. And we are so happy with our solar system.”
– Max and Kate T., Santa Cruz

Reduce Electric Costs

Electric Costs iconSolar energy costs less than power from your utility company. With PG&E pricing tiers, the more electricity you consume, the higher rate you pay per kW hour. Generate your own, free energy and avoid a future of rising costs. See how solar works to save you money.››

Increase Home Value

Home Value iconInstalling solar on your home increases its resale value and makes it more attractive to home buyers. Homes with solar energy showed a $5,000 per kW increase in value and sold 20% faster than non-solar homes, according to a recent study, Exploring California PV Home Premiums, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, December 2013.

Save More Each Year

Solar Savings iconWith rising electricity rates of nearly 7% on average per year, it’s a no-brainer to go solar. With attractive solar financing options, a solar energy system costs $0 when calculating your savings. And with electric rate inflation, your savings increase every year. The sooner you go solar, the more you save.

Free Home Analysis

Suns Up Solar turns homes into profit generators with solar power. Solar energy is free, and we handle the entire process. We make it easy to go solar! See how much you will save with a residential solar system.