Why Go Solar?

Why go solar advantages


A Brighter Future Powered by the Sun

Solar power is an unlimited resource. Solar electricity is clean, sustainable energy to preserve a healthy planet. A solar energy system saves you money by lowering your electricity costs. It also generates profit by adding value to your home or business.

Solar isn’t just an investment for today, it provides financial advantages and security for your future.

Utility Electricity Prices

Electric Prices iconBaseline electricity prices are continuously rising. In addition, PG&E charges on a tier basis by kilowatt hour. Each time you exceed a tier usage quota, you are charged a higher price for electricity. You can end up paying triple the cost for each kilowatt hour as you reach the last tier.

Rate Increases

Solar Rate Increase iconIn August, 2014, PG&E announced they were raising the rates 5.9%! This is an ongoing pattern of escalating electricity prices. Rates have been rising annually an average of 6.7% per year since 1967.

Solar Electricity Prices

Solar Electricity Prices iconA solar power system generates its own electricity, keeping your utility usage low and in the bottom pricing tiers. Solar locks in low electric rates, which increases your returns each year. The sooner you go solar, the more you save.

For us it is all about securing our family’s financial future. Solar does this for us as it reduces our outgoings. With the money I am saving on my electric bill this system will pay for itself in around 5 years. After that it’s all free energy!!

I am not sure there are any other investments that will give you around 20% return!!”

— Stan S., San Jose

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Secure your financial future with a solar power system and generate your own, clean energy to promote a healthy planet.